The City of Lilydale issues building, mechanical, and plumbing permits.

Apply - Send a completed application to

Payment - You will be notified of the amount due. Payment will be made to City of Lilydale with check or cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

Inspections - To schedule an inspection for building, plumbing or mechanical work please contact SAFEbuilt at 952-442-7520 or


Electrical permits are issued by the State of Minnesota. To schedule an electrical inspection call 507-210-0754.

Domestic water plumbing permits are issued and inspected by Saint Paul Regional Water Services. Please call SPRWS at 651-266-6270 for domestic water plumbing and fire system supply fees.

Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) Permit

The Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area or "MRCCA" is a protected corridor along the Mississippi. The City of Lilydale, in its entirety, is located within the MRCCA. A permit is required for the construction of any new structure, building(s) or building additions, including decks, retaining walls, signs, the installation and/or alteration of sewage treatment systems, vegetation removal consistent with the City Code Section ## and land alterations consistent with Section ##, and subdivisions and planned unit developments per Section ##.